About Us


PT Gizitatapangan Sejahtera (Gizitas) is a food manufacture company established since 1991. The company has been producing and distributing chocolate snack, with specialty in umbrella shape chocolate snack under main brand Gizo “Chokoku” Umbrella Chocolate Snack and “Sogi” Umbrella Chocolate with our new development to meet consumer needs.

With our business philosopy, we are willing to serve the goods with International standard quality and reasonable process to our costumers. Moreover, the company has conducted the business by most efficient use of the company resources and caring for the environment. This makes Gizitas always being in Indonesian’s minds over 26 years and exporting worldwide.

1991 : Start Export

Start Export UEA, Korea, Kuwait Dubai, Taiwan, Singapura, Hongkong Bangladesh, Philipina Malaysia, Vietnam Fiji, Australia

1996 : Entering Local Market

Brand: Chocosnack Chocoku Ore-ore Cocone

2003 : Build Mother Brand -GIZO-

2011 : Launching Product

Launching new product “Gizo Eskimu”

2013 : Launching Product

Launching new product “Gizo WOW”

2014 : Launching Product

Launching new product “Gizo Tama”

2015 : Develop New Brand

Develop new Brand for a teenagers segment. Product: Feelnice

2016 : License

Use License of Doraemon

2017 : Build Mother Brand

Build Mother Brand –SOGI-. Distributed SOGI in General Trade


  • Involving God for all stake-holders of Gizitas


  • We become the number 1 fancy chocolate producer in Indonesia.
  • We have 2 (two) brands that is widely known both domestically and internationally, also we are able to satisfy our customer’s need.
  • We fully understand and serve our customers with the best product in its class, and become the best company to manage its production, marketing and distribution.
  • We work professionally, reliable and joyfully in a clean and modern factory/ facility.
  • We keep on growing continually and becoming the honest, creative and faithful workers, so that we are able to receive above average welfare among any other food industries in Indonesia.

Working Culture

  • Honest, reliable and open communication based on God’s value.
  • An optimal, complete and continuous individual development.
  • Working whole-heartedly to present added value, quality, and creativity.
  • A thorough service that embraces customers to be loyal.
  • One big caring, enthusiastic, and joyous family.

Working Value

  • God centered
  • Loyal to process
  • Obedient to truth
  • Real spirit of excellent
  • Yielding rights